When The Westgate Hotel first opened 53 years ago, it commanded the attention of foreign dignitaries, Hollywood celebrities, and big-name politicians. There was nothing else like it in San Diego, or anywhere else. It was a hotel in its own class, carefully created as both a forward-thinking investment in the future of San Diego and a decadent nod to an historic tradition of high luxury. Its modern, towering exterior and its delicate, finely-detailed interior was a combination that attracted visitors from all over the world. More than five decades later, The Westgate has grown and changed in many ways.  But, we’re proud to say, the most important things are the things which have always stayed the same. 

Meet at The Westgate, Meet in Style

The Westgate was visible from its first opening days, throughout the 70s and into the 80s, in many ways thanks to the people who chose to gather here. From senators and university presidents to prestigious fine dining clubs like the “Beefeaters Club” and contemporary actors like Bruce Dern and Don Knotts, The Westgate was the first-choice of my kinds of fashionable meetings and events. 

The Westgate also attracted highly visible events due to our staff, who were just as famous for their attentiveness then as they are now. One print ad from the mid-1970s even publicized an incident when our “resourceful housekeeping” avoided a crisis of presidential proportions, locating “oversized ashtrays” large enough for the visiting President Gerald Ford’s favorite pipe. 

These days, gathering at The Westgate is an equally elegant affair. The foundations of finery that first attracted our high-minded guests remain beautifully preserved and gently updated. From the Baccarat crystal chandeliers to the Flemish wall tapestries to the elegant curve of our grand staircase, The Westgate sets the scene for special moments with loved ones as well as professional gatherings. And while pipes–presidential or no–are no longer permitted indoors, our staff is equally as thoughtful, there to meet needs and warmly welcome you back with every visit. 

Bringing French Flair to the Table

Designed with France’s famous Palace of Versailles in mind, The Westgate has proudly displayed a French-inspired flair from our very first days. Our cuisine, especially, put a French culinary tradition front-and-center. One review from a happy diner in the mid-1970s: “White-gloved waiters in tails quietly serving beneath crystal chandeliers. A Viennese sommelier holding aloft a long-stemmed glass to check the color of fine red Burgundy. An evening of perfection.” 

While white-gloved and black-tailed waiters are a thing of the past, our wait staff continue to create personal experiences for each of our guests. In the warm, bistro-like ambiance of The Westgate Room, diners can enjoy fine cuisine with a modern, fresh take. A blend of our traditional past and our inviting California hospitality. 

Our Hospitality is Here to Stay

Still a beacon of a hospitality excellence in Southern California, our family owned and operated hotel has never compromised on our values. In fact, many of our employees have remained for decades themselves. We are proud to be the reason loyal guests and loyal co-workers love to return to our palace of precision year after year. This is the magic of The Westgate’s 53 years of service. It’s in the community it was built to serve and the community that built up around it; it’s the people that make the place feel the same.