“San Diego

A four-hour drive further down the coastline from Santa Barbara will take you to our last stop on the Pacific Coast Highway journey. It is also the last major stop in California, as to the south is the Mexico-United States border. San Diego is often called the “birthplace of California” since Europeans first settled in this city before continuing their exploration. Before that, it was home to the Kumeyaay, an indigenous tribe of the Americas. San Diego is popular for many reasons: fantastic weather, beautiful beaches, an endless amount of things to do in town, and a culinary scene to die for. Really. So we’ve highlighted a few of our favorite venues to showcase some of the best that the city has to offer.

The Westgate Room

Step into European-inspired elegance at The Westgate Hotel. Sitting at the edge of the historic Gaslamp District and steps from the San Diego Opera and Symphony and the Museum of Contemporary Art, The Westgate Hotel, a 1970’s custom built highrise hotel features exquisite antiques, glittering crystal chandeliers, elaborate moldings, and grand staircases, inspired by France’s legendary Palace of Versailles. Just as refined is the Westgate Room, the in-house restaurant adorned in a soft palette of greens, beautifully trimmed walls, crisp white table-cloths, fresh flowers, and soft lighting. Here you can treat yourself to a luxurious meal in elegant surroundings, whether indoors or alfresco on the veranda. The menu emphasizes seafood dishes and ingredients acquired locally and sustainably, so whether you choose the Local Striped Bass, Icelandic Salmon, or Potato Gnocchi, you can rest assured that your splurge is in support of a greener tomorrow. This location offers a unique sense of dining at an upmarket European destination and is perfect for that romantic night out.”

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