“I’m still learning a lot, and I feel there’s still a lot to learn.” 

Beatriz Krause is the Director of Rooms at The Westgate Hotel. More than 10 years since she first joined the team, Beatriz still finds new things to discover about her work, though she’s worked in hospitality almost her entire adult life.

“I had a couple of quick jobs when I was in college, like I taught English for a little bit…but since I started in hotels at 18, I never left.” 

Originally from San Paulo, Brazil, Beatriz studied Tourism and Hotel Management at Pontificia Universidade Catolica de Campinas. At one point, she considered a career path change—even earning a Law degree—but hospitality has always remained her focus. 

And while she has earned the degrees to support her knowledge of the industry, Beatriz is often celebrated for qualities that can’t be taught. 

When a guest tested positive for COVID-19 in 2021, Beatriz ensured they felt at home while quarantined for 10 days, dropping off food, magazines, toiletries, and other necessities to their room. 

On this experience, the guest wrote: “There wasn’t a day that I didn’t hear from her…You can’t train a person to extend the care and kindness that Beatriz extended to me. That comes from within.” 

In 2022, she was honored with the James V. Cunningham Personalized Service Award at the Gold Key Awards for this commitment to guests during the pandemic and for the genuine thoughtfulness and empathy she always extends to guests and those she works with. 

Learning to Adapt

“Brazilians and Americans see the workplace in a very different way. So that was a big change—learning to adapt.” 

When asked about the difference between working in Brazil and the United States, Beatriz says, “I think Brazilians are more laid back and easygoing…I think people here are a little bit more of workaholics.” Though, she admits, “I always felt I’m a little bit on that side.” 

Her work ethic is more than a little apparent. 

When she first arrived in San Diego in 2010, Beatriz planned to apply for Front Desk Manager positions, which was the role she was working in back in Brazil. But, with more entry-level roles available at the time, she decided it was a good time to take a step back. 

“I had a lot of change going on at that time—new husband, house, country and all that—I thought it would be a good idea to start on something hourly, easier management and hours.” 

But Beatriz’s talent for guest service wouldn’t go unrecognized. Less than a year later, “I already got my first promotion.” 

First joining the guest service team as a Front Desk Agent, she was promoted to Guest Services Manager just 11 months later, and 11 months after that promoted again to the role of Front Desk Manager. 

Just last year, Beatriz was promoted once again. This time to Director of Rooms, something she counts among her career highlights. “That was something bigger.” In her latest role, she has new departments to learn about and more people to support. 

But this change is part of what makes the work exciting for Beatriz. “Helping people grow and learning more about other roles and departments. That’s exciting.” 

A Hidden Gem

For Beatriz, the reasons she’s stayed at The Westgate Hotel for so many years are simple. “If I feel good, if I have a good working environment, and if I feel my work is being supported and recognized, I don’t see a reason to move.” 

In her career, Beatriz has also always gravitated towards boutique hotels that feel like a family, particularly because they are run by a family. And part of what makes The Westgate special is its over 50-year history as a family-owned and operated company.

Looking towards the future, Beatriz is excited for the city of San Diego and for The Westgate’s place in it. “I think we are—it’s kind of a beaten phrase—but it is a hidden gem.” 

From the palatial décor to the European-inspired dining to the unique amenities and offerings like traditional Afternoon Tea service, The Westgate Hotel is a gem, sometimes hidden from what guests “typically” expect to find in a destination like San Diego. 

But service from employees like Beatriz is also what makes The Westgate such a rarity. Her personalized service makes guests feel at home. She goes above and beyond to take really good care of every guest, no matter what, no questions asked. 

Beatriz is a shining example of how people make the hotel “a gem” unlike anywhere else that, once discovered, is returned to again and again.