At The Westgate, we pride ourselves on the attention and care we put into everything we do. This same level of consideration is given to the many ways we practice being mindful of our impact on the earth, and the daily actions taken to support sustainability–from the food served in our restaurants to the way we power AquaVie. In honor of Earth Month this April, we are excited to highlight a few of these commitments, and the ways they improve our ability to serve our guests and our larger community.

Going Green for Our Guests

Proudly calling Southern California our home, we understand the importance of water conservation. In our guest rooms, water is not wasted. With each flush and every shower, you can rest assured knowing that more than 90% of our rooms meet a low water flow rate of 1.28 gallons per flush and feature low-flow showerheads (running at 2.5 gallons per minute) that have been installed for over a decade. Plus, lather-up without wasting resources! Each of our guest showers are stocked with high-volume product dispensers. This allows us to provide quality shampoo and soap without contributing to wasteful over-using of single-use plastics.

While our metaphorical “lights” are always on for our guests, our actual energy usage is highly conservation-forward. In 2022, all our 223 guest rooms were retrofitted with triple-paned windows, which reduces the amount of heat entering each room and allows for greater conservation of energy. Even more, our AC systems in all rooms are ENERGY STAR qualified, as are more than 90% of all in-room televisions.

Dining in? Roughly 75% of the fruits and vegetables purchased for our kitchens are USDA certified organic and/or locally grown (within 100 miles of the hotel) produce. Similarly, about half of the meat, fish, and dairy sourced for our on-property dining is also produced locally. Consuming local food products supports and preserves local farmland and greenspaces, as well as stimulates the local economy. It also guarantees fresher foods, which serves to enhance the flavors of our delicious dishes.

This is only the beginning! Our guests can also enjoy utilizing our paperless check-out service, save energy through our reusable room linen program, and charge their EV vehicles at our on-property charging stations.


Green Behind-the-Scenes

Beyond the earth-friendly amenities our guests can see and enjoy, we are also dedicated to being green behind-the-scenes. In our laundry facilities, we operate an internal tracking system that monitors and controls water usage. And all public and office spaces on property utilize motion-sensor lights that shut off when the space is not being actively used. Plus, AquaVie is programmed on a timing system that shuts down the entire space at night. We also throttle down our HVAC system during low-demand periods in order to reduce energy usage.

Ultimately, our goal is to support sustainable programs that also positively and immediately impact our community. One such program we are proud to participate in is the reutilization of decommissioned mattresses, blankets, and sheets that are donated to local shelters, like Father Joe’s Village and The Crossroads Foundations. Through this partnership, we can extend the life of our beds and linens, while also giving support to community members in need.

Through all of our green initiatives, our hotel is able to support energy conservation that the greater community can benefit from. For the love of our community–and our planet at large–we are proud of these commitments to preserving the natural beauty of our home. Still, we know this is only a beginning, and that a true commitment to sustainable practices requires ongoing reflections that leads to continual change and positive action.




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