“Our list of the top must-try tea houses for a royally good time filled with mini sandwiches, pastries, and chic China.

San Diego boasts a diverse tea house scene, from trendy urban spots to elegant hotel lobbies. I can’t say no to a pastry or a good cup of tea, so I recently started exploring the popular spots around town.

Whether you’re a tea aficionado or just looking to chill in a charming spot with a kettle and crumpets, our city’s tea culture has something for everyone. Nothing beats dressing up and feeling like the queen of England, so here’s our list of 13 must-try tea houses for a royally good time.

Westgate Hotel


Afternoon tea at the Westgate Hotel is a timeless and elegant experience, complete with opulent surrounds that aren’t too far off from a castle. For $55 per person, you can nibble on finger sandwiches, pastries, and macarons. Get dressed up and spend your weekend living like a noble.”

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